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1 November, 2019
Sebastian Oreb

Squat Tutorial

If you have attended any of my Program Design seminars or read my recent post on why your program sucks, you will know that lifting technique is without fail my first priority for any of my athletes. Proper movement will get you further than any other programming principle, and is imperative for your success in any sporting context.
With this in mind, I would love to run you through the techniques and cues that I use to teach what I believe is one of the best exercises to develop overall strength and efficient movement patterns: the squat. This might sound like a biased opinion (ok- maybe it is), but there are very few successful strength coaches who would disagree with the idea that a correctly taught squatting movement is an absolute fundamental for any strength program. Below is a summary of the techniques that I have learnt and developed from some of the best coaches and athletes in the world, and I have successfully used these cues to improve the squats of athletes from every level and walk of life. I hope you enjoy.

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