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Strength System International Certification – what is this course about?

By August 17, 2020November 9th, 2020No Comments

The Strength System International Certification is a course that will teach you everything you need to know about strength training – from the very basics, through to advanced lifting techniques. This course is not designed just for powerlifters or bodybuilders, and in fact, the principles that are covered will apply to a huge range of demographics, including beginner lifters, hobby lifters, and elite athletes. If you love strength training, or you love to teach strength training, then this course is for you!

What Does the Course Cover?

There are so many facets to being a good strength coach, but two key attributes are an open mind and constant desire for knowledge, so you never stop learning. As a strength coach, these have been goals of mine from the very start, and even now after I’ve learnt so much, I’m so aware that there is a huge amount of knowledge out there that I’m yet to learn. Over the years of seeking knowledge and trying things out with my athletes and myself, I have developed a system that has allowed me to coach a huge variety of clientele – from the absolute beginner, all the way through to some of the strongest athletes in the world. This system is called my Strength System.

I’ve been offering face-to-face seminars for a number of years now where I present the Strength System to coaches and lifting enthusiasts, and these seminars have been hugely popular. However, one problem I face with them is that there is always a geographical limitation – no matter where in the world I host the event, somebody will miss out. I wanted to make these workshops more accessible to coaches and lifters everywhere, but also to include a lot more content and as well as an assessment component, and attach a formal qualification to each of the levels. Using this exact format, I’ve produced my Strength System International Certification (SSIC for short) – Levels 1, 2 and 3. These lessons contain everything I’ve presented in my face-to-face seminars and more, and I’m so excited to connect and share this knowledge with so many people around the world.

To produce this online education, I’ve teamed up with Clean Health to bring you high quality information in an easy to follow format. We’ve designed these courses to cater to a broad variety of students, so regardless of whether you work in the industry or not, this course will help you to get the most out of you or your clients training. Each level of the course will build and expand on the knowledge covered in the previous levels so you will be learning more and refining your knowledge base as the course goes on.

Strength System International Certification – Level 1

SSIC Level 1 has been written for absolutely everybody. If you are a coach then I can almost guarantee you will learn something from this course to apply with your clients the very next day, but also, if you are not a coach and just love to lift yourself then the knowledge will still be easy to understand and directly applicable to your training. The focus of this Level 1 course is mastering the basics of effective strength training. This might sound like beginner level knowledge, but even after 17 years in the industry these “basics” are still techniques that I utilise with my own training, and my athletes’ training, in every single session that we do. If we want to be really good lifters and really good coaches, we can never be too good at executing and applying the basics.

Strength System International Certification – Level 2

Once you have completed SSIC Level 1 and passed all of the assessments, you will be eligible to enrol in SSIC Level 2, where we kick things up a notch. This course is still very accessible to non-coaches and lifting enthusiasts, however the content is a little bit more in-depth than Level 1, and a lot more examples are given of how to apply the knowledge provided within a coaching context. The overriding theme of this course is expanding your toolbox as it’s my hope that everyone who completes this course will gain a broader understanding of the range of tools that we have at our disposal to maximise our results and our clients’ results in the weights room.

Strength System International Certification – Level 3

Enrolment in SSIC Level 3 will be accessible once students have completed and passed Levels 1 and 2. This level is the most in-depth by far, with a greater focus on the scientific research behind a number of different training principles, as well as case study based discussions on how to train specific population groups such as different types of strength sports athletes, team sport athletes, and members of the general population. SSIC Level 3 is all about becoming an expert at strength coaching. As we reexamine all of the theoretical knowledge learned so far and see how it applies in a range of practical contexts, we will discuss the similarities between how we would approach each different population group, and where our approach should differ to meet the individual needs of the different individuals.

I’m so excited to be presenting this strength and conditioning course, so I can teach you the processes I’ve undertaken to achieve excellent results with a range of clients, and the theoretical knowledge behind each of these processes and training principles.

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